Developments around Bitcoin / Cryptotrader (May 2022)

New milestone: has reached more than 170,000 trades.
May 10, 2022
Developments around Bitcoin / Cryptotrader (September 2022)
September 20, 2022

New milestone: has reached more than 170,000 trades.

The service started on 01-02-2017 and is still growing. Recently, reached another milestone of 170,000 trades. To get a good understanding of the trader’s actual performance, we automatically calculate the monthly return for each user. Based on these figures, we can calculate the average monthly return of the site which is now around 2%. This means that the extrapolated compound annual yield is 26%. That is a lot higher than the 0% that you now get at banks.

Referral Program

Unfortunately, as you may know, there are many “Crypto Services” on the internet that make their money by scamming people. That is why we decided to distinguish as a reliable service by only growing on the basis of word of mouth from users who have been satisfied customers for years.

With the launch of the Referral Program we offer you the opportunity to easily invite friends and family and get them started. As a reward for this work you will earn free bonus credits in your own account.

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Bitcoin Lightning Network Still Growing

Lightning Network is still under development. With the Lightning Network it is possible to make (small) Bitcoin payments very quickly. The Lightning network is still growing compared to our last check in November 2020. According to the 1ML Lightning stats website, the number of nodes is now 37,150 (+158%) and the network capacity expressed in USD is $119 million (+693%). The number of channels has increased to 84,280 (+ 140%).

El Salvador first country where bitcoin is legal tender

This is some older news, but for those who missed it, it’s still very important. Since September 2021, it has been possible in the Central American country of El Salvador to make payments with the crypto currency bitcoin. This makes the country the first country in the world to introduce bitcoin as legal tender.

Source (Dutch):

More countries getting into Bitcoin

After consumers and businesses, countries are now also starting to get into Bitcoin. On the website Bitcoin Treasuries you can find a nice overview. In the meantime, countries such as Bulgaria, Ukraine, El Salvador, Finland and Georgia have bought a total of 8 billion in Bitcoins.

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