The prices at are fair.

You don’t pay setup costs and no fixed monthly costs. You only pay a fee of 20% of your winnings. That means that 80% of the profit is for yourself. This is a very fair model and encourages us to maximize our customers’ profit. You only pay a fee if you make a profit, so you never incur costs during the period that your trader, for example, does not make a profit.


Your trader just made a $10 profit. You then pay $2 in fees. These costs are deducted from your credits balance. All your money and Bitcoin remain in the exchange account at all times. We do not have access.

With many other Cryptotraders you pay a fixed monthly amount regardless of whether the trader makes a profit or not. We don’t think this is fair.

Summary of costs

Setup cost $0
Fixed monthly fee $0
Fee 20% of your winnings