Risk Disclaimer

Financial Yield

The yearly yield of the trader is optimized by performing simulations with real historic trading data of Bitstamp (> 12 million trades).

The trader will only sell bitcoins when a profit can be made. The strategy to sell only with profit assumes that Bitcoin price in the long run keeps rising. Therefore the trader can wait until each pocket can be sold with a profit. This means that in a long lasting bear market, in a worst-case scenario, little to no yields is made.

The yield of the trader depends strongly on the market. When the price of bitcoin fluctuates strongly the trader makes the best yield.

Bitcoin Exchange

Your money and Bitcoins are stored on a third-party Bitcoin exchange (Bitstamp or Kraken). So your money is subject to some risk. Examples or risks: Fraude by the owners of the exchange, hackers who steal money from the exchange, etc..


Your API-key which is used for trading on a Bitcoin Exchange is stored encrypted on a secured server of cryptotrader.online. If this API-key is stolen, and hackers are able to decrypt the key, they can use this key to trade using your account without your permission. Hackers cannot transfer money from your USD or Bitcoin account because the API key has not enough permissions for these type of actions.


Investing in Bitcoin is still recognized as risky by many. This is then also true for using cryptotrader. Never invest more than you can miss.