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November 12, 2020
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August 27, 2021

The migration of will start on Friday January 8, 2021. read below what the consequences are for you

What will happen? is moving to a new server environment. We will run in an Amazon ECS cluster environment.


  • Increased availability of the services
  • We can make updates / improvements faster
  • We are well prepared to scale up to many more users

Trader temporarily shut down

We expect the migration to be ready within 1 hour and then the trader will start running again. We do our best to keep this migration period as short so that we miss as little as possible good buying / selling moments.

Website may be unreachable for a few hours

During the migration, the website may be inaccessible for a few hours (max 24 hours). This is because we adjust the domain and have it point to our new cluster. However, this domain is cached on various DNS servers and routers, so that this change is not immediately visible to everyone.

This caching problem does not have a negative effect on the trader himself, he just continues trading.

Advice: make sure you have enough credits

Because the website may not be available for a few hours, you cannot buy new credits during that period. The trader will continue to run during that period. It would be a pitty if there is just a nice buy / sell moment and that at that moment your credits are negative and your trader is paused. So our advice is to make sure you have enough credits before the migration starts.

Prepared for the future

With the migration to the Amazon ECS cluster, we are well prepared for the future. We have a whole list of improvements in store and we can now implement these improvements much faster without interrupting the service provision.

Through this blog and newsletters we will keep you informed of the latest developments.

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