Is Bitcoin a good investment?
April 14, 2018
Improved trading engine
July 12, 2018

From today the new Cryptotrader Web App (v0.15.0) is available. The Web App loads faster and you notice that especially on a Smartphone with a slow internet connection.

The Web App can be found on Unlike a normal website, this is a so-called Web App. The Web App is completely written in javascript and runs independently in the browser. The application is smart and retrieves only the information from the backend server when needed. The advantage of this is that you can navigate through the menus of the application very quickly without having to wait every time on the backend server. This is especially important if you have a slow internet connection.

The Web App is responsive and adjusts itself to the size of the screen on which the application runs. On a PC with a higher resolution you see more information than on a (small) Smartphone. The advantage is that the application works optimally everywhere. On a PC, on a tablet or on a (small) Smartphone.

With this new version of the Web App, the startup of the Web App has become faster because we have removed code that was no longer used. With a size of 2MB the application is about 10% smaller in size compared to the previous version.

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