Kraken – Transfer Money to Exchange

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Step 3: Transfer money to Kraken

Before the crypto trader can start trading on your behalf, it is important that US Dollars (USD) are present in your own account with Kraken. You can do this by transferring money from your bank account.

To be able to make an optimal return we advise to start with at least $1000. See also explanation in the FAQ.

Advice: Never invest more than you can afford to lose. There is always risk.
Transfer money by bank transfer
You can make a free SEPA bank transfer from a Dutch bank account to Kraken’s account. This works as follows:
  • Login to Kraken
  • Click on “Funding” at the top of the menu

You will now see the following screen

Choose Euro

You will now receive the data you need to make a bank transfer. In this screen you have to enter the amount you want to deposit in euros.

Now make a bank transfer from your own bank account (ABN-Amro, Rabo, ING, etc..) to Kraken:

  • Use Kraken’s IBAN number.
  • It is VERY important that you enter the text at “Reference” in the description of your bank transfer. This transfers the amount to your account and not someone else’s.

The Euros will be in your Kraken account within 1-3 days. You will receive an email from Kraken.

After that it is important to convert the Euros to Dollars at Kraken. Cryptotrader only trades with Dollars. See the following instructions for this: Convert from Euro to USD

If the USD dollars are visible in your Kraken account, you can proceed with Step 4: Registration with