The crypto trader can only work with USD in your Kraken account. If you have euros in your Kraken account, you must first convert them to USD. This is simple and works like this:

1 – Login to

2 – Go to “Trade” at the top left of the menu

The current market is shown at the top left of the screen. Here as an example the BTC/EUR market.


3 – Now click on the market, click on USD and then choose EUR/USD

4 – You should now see that the market has changed to EUR/USD

Now you can convert the desired amount of euros to USD.

5 – Now sell (as an example) 1000 euros. You can do this by placing a market order.

Tip: If you want to convert larger amounts, it is wise to place a limit order. Then you do not run the risk that your order will negatively influence the price. Here is an example of a limit purchase order.

You should see at the top of the menu at “Available balances” the number of Euros has decreased and the number of USD has increased.

Finished. You have converted the desired amount of euros into dollars. Cryptotrader can now start trading with it.