Server upgrade cryptotrader
March 23, 2018
Is Bitcoin a good investment?
April 14, 2018

Today we have deployed an improved trading engine (V0.15.0). This engine now uses a dynamic pocket size that automatically adapts to market conditions.

All purchases of cryptotrader end up in so-called pockets. In the past, a fixed pocket size of 10% was always used. That means that with every new purchase 10% of the available USD budget was used to purchase new Bitcoins.

Now the cryptotrader engine uses dynamic pockets that adapt to market conditions.

If the price has dropped only a little and there is a new buying moment, the pocket will be smaller. This prevents the available USD purchase budget from being drained in a slowly declining market. Further the pocket will be bigger after a large price dip in combination with a good buying moment. The results in greater returns.

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