By first converting your USD to Euros at Bitstamp before making a withdrawal, you can save considerably on withdrawal costs. When withdrawing USD to a European account, you pay a $25 fee. While the fee for a withdrawal of Euros to a European account is only $3.00

Converting USD to Euros at Bitstamp works as follows

Log in to your bitstamp account (

Switch to “Pro” interface

Go to “Trade” via the menu at the top of the screen

Then switch to the EUR/USD market by going to the correct market at the top left of the screen

If you have sub-accounts with Bitstamp, first choose the account you want to trade in.

Choose buy (EUR), choose Limit order, and enter how many dollars you want to sell (1). Then click on “Best bid” (2). If everything looks good, click “Buy EUR”. The selected amount of USD will now be exchanged into Euros. Because this is a limit order, it may take a while before the entire order is executed. A limit order prevents you from suddenly having to pay more if the price changes.

As soon as you click on the green Buy button, the USD will be converted into Euros.

If you want to transfer the euros to your own bank account, choose
Withdraw -> Cash Withdrawal -> Choose Euro and select your SEPA bank account.