Transfer your Bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet (iPhone)

For iPhone we have good experience with the Copay Bitcoin Wallet app. The app can be installed using de App Store.

1 – Start your Copay Bitcoin wallet app


2 – Click on “Receive” button to receive Bitcoins



3 – You now see the Bitcoin address to which you can transfer your Bitcoins. Copy this address by pressing the QR code (sort of barcode) with your finger. The Bitcoin address is now copied to clipboard.
naar clipboard.

4 – Start your email application on your iPhone, send a mail to yourself and paste the Bitcoin address (from clipboard) into the email. We need this Bitcoin address later on a desktop PC.

5 – Go to your desktop PC, open your email and copy the Bitcoin address to clipboard.

6 – Login to your bitstamp account, go to withdrawal -> Bitcoin -> Withdrawal

7 – Paste the Bitcoin address from clipboard to the field “Destination Bitcoin Address:”

8 – Fill in the total number of Bitcoins you have in your BTC balance

5 – Fill in the Two-Factor Authentication code (which you can find in your Google Authenticator or Authy app).

6 – Click on “Withdraw” button to transfer the Bitcoins to your personal Bitcoin wallet

Normally, the Bitcoins should arrive on your Bitcoin wallet within 1 hour