Transfer Bitcoins to Bitcoin wallet (Android)

For Android we have good experience with the Mycelium App Bitcoin wallet. You can install the app via the Google Playstore.

1 – Start your Mycelium Bitcoin wallet app. You now see the screen below:

2 – Click on “Receive” button to receive Bitcoins


3- You now see the bitcoin address where to transfer the bitcoins. Click on “share bitcoin address” to send this address per email. Send a email to your own email address zo that you can access this information later on your desktop pc.

4 – Go to your desktop PC, open your email with the bitcoin address. Select the address and copy it to clipboard

5 – Login to your account, go to withdrawal -> Bitcoin -> Withdrawal

6 – Paste the Bitcoin address from clipboard to the field “Destination Bitcoin Address:”

7 – Fill in the number of Bitcoins which you have in your BTC balance.

8 – Fill in the Two-Factor Authentication Code (this code can be found in your Google Authenticator or Authy app)

9 – Click on “Withdraw” button to send the Bitcoins to your personal Mycelium Bitcoin wallet.

Normally, the Bitcoins should arrive on your Bitcoin wallet within 1 hour