Referral Program – How does it work?

Are you excited about yourself? Did you know that you can earn free bonus credits by inviting a friend and helping him/her get started? Below is an explanation of how this works exactly.

Unfortunately, as you may know, there are many “Crypto Services” on the internet that make their money by scamming people. That is why we have decided to distinguish ourselves as a reliable service by only growing on the basis of word of mouth from users who have been satisfied customers for years.

Now we also offer you the possibility to easily invite friends and family and get them started. As a reward for this work you will earn free bonus credits for your own account.

As soon as you are logged in to your own account, you will see the following screen

By clicking the “More info” button or selecting the “Referral Users” menu, you will see the following page

On this page you can invite friends and family to join as well. They will then receive a personal email and see that you have sent it. This email contains a link with which they can register. This link also contains a special unique code with which we will link this new user as a referral user to your account.

As soon as you have sent an invitation for a friend or family member, this person will immediately be added to your list of referral users. You can see how far along your friend is in the registration process by looking at the status.

There is a limit to the number of people you can invite at the same time. Maximum 5 per month. As soon as someone registers or the month is over, your counter will go up again.

The intention is that you now help them to create an exchange account, link the exchange using the API keys, deposit USD in their exchange account and purchase credits for their trader as described in Getting started.

As soon as their trader actually starts running, the referral user gets the status “started” and as a reward for your help, for a period of three months, you will receive 10% of all credits that your friend has purchased during that period in the form of extra bonus credits in your own account. Once the three months are up, your referral user will have “expired” status.

If you have already referred someone in the past and helped get started, you can retroactively make a referral user for this and receive bonus credits for it. If all goes well, this has already happened to most people. If your “old” referral user is not yet listed, please contact us.

Here’s an overview of all statuses

Status Meaning
new “old” Referral user was created (at your request) by admin
invite Referral user created by you
invited The invitation email has been sent
registered Referral user has registered
started The Referral user’s trader has been started
expired More than 3 months have passed since trader started