Back to step 1: Registration with Kraken

Step 2: Create API key at Kraken

In order to allow to trade on your behalf, we need a so-called API key. You can create this yourself in Kraken and that works as follows:

  • Login to Kraken
  • Click on your name at the top right -> Security -> API

  • You should see the following screen

  • After that click on “Add key”, you will see the screen below
  • Now check only the permissions below:

  • The rest of the settings can just be left at the default value
    • Press the “Generate key” button
    • You will now see the following screen
    • Copy the API key and Private key to a simple text editor like Notepad.

    The API key and Private key are only shown once and can no longer be retrieved afterwards. You will need this API key and Private key later when registering.

    Tip: Use a simple text editor (Windows: Notepad, MacOS: TextEditor) to copy / paste the API key / Private key and NOT Microsoft Word. This can change the key due to its automatic formatting so that the key is no longer valid.

    • Then scroll down and press the “Save” button
    • You should now see that the API key has been created in a similar screen as below

    Now proceed to step 3: Transfer money to Kraken Exchange